Introducing Agent Profile Page

When agents signed up on Hutbay, we don’t just want to help them market their properties but we also want to help them better manage their brands. Branding is very important and wherever your business is represented, you want your brand to be well presented.

Agent profile page is part of Hutbay’s strategy to helping agents manage their professional profile and company brand online. On this profile page you can see the agent’s passport-sized photo, her company logo, her ratings, company information including her company’s website and link to view all properties the agent’s have on Hutbay. You can even contact the agent right away by filling the form on the page. You can see that of Mrs Sade of Redbricks here: And there is a unique url to view all properties an agent have on Hutbay like

There are many reasons why agents would like this feature:

  • It helps to increase their on-line presence. More is always better whenever marketing is involved.
  • Detailed information of the agent including a short About Me text that is like pitching to potential clients.
  • It increases more trust in the agent and enhances her professional image
  • It provides a unique home online where all their properties can be found.
  • It is free and will always be free.
  • It is easy to share their properties with friends and contacts via the internet (emails and social networks).

We are working on even removing the “profile” from agent url so that they can have a more elegant url on Hutbay. Something just like Expect that to be a done feature anytime soon.

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