Real Estate Marketing the Professional Way

We have some exciting developments over here at Hutbay. From today, you’ll begin to see them unravelled. One consistent theme you will notice in all our present and future undertakings is our vision to provide information to aid buyers and renters to make better informed decisions, while at the same time, provide cutting-edge tools and platform for agents to market their properties, gain wider exposure and network with other agents.

More and Better Information:
Gone are the days where the only thing you know about a property from an advert is a mere text: “2 bedroom flat for sale at Magodo. N35m”!

Better Information

Project your listings more professionally.

Your consumers want more than that and we are providing you the tools and platform to surpass their imagination.  With the new Hutbay, you can do much more, few of which are:

  • Attach video to your listings
  • “Mapify” your listings
  • A direct web location aggregating all your listings
  • Showcase your reviews and recommendation
  • More branding from company logo to your corporate website  and personal photo
  • Consistent notification by email and/or SMS on how your listings are performing
  • Add brochures, floor plans and fliers
  • Tools to help with email marketing
  • and much more…

You can even add payment plans to your listings to garner more interests and potential deals. All this new feature will go live on Hutbay by December 9th, 2013.

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