The Colour Wheel: Colour Coding Your Home

Colours or lack of colours,  if you agree with me, makes a lot of difference on how the house will look or how presentable the house will be. I recently had to deal with a colour change for my parent’s house with a very unbearable painter who kept telling my sister and I what to use and what not to use which wouldn’t have been a problem if he was suggesting colours that actually made sense.

One thing I have learnt from the whole experience is that I know absolutely nothing about colours. Sure we were taught the colour wheel in school but nobody ever told me that there were more colours than I could imagine especially when you are planning on painting a house. This process requires careful consideration of what the room would be used for and who is going to live in it or,  if in case of offices, what kind of business would be conducted in the building.

Before the painting of the house started, I was shown a colour pallet that made me rethink my original blue and purple plan for my room. I realized that some parts of the house cannot be painted a certain colour not because they are not aesthetically nice but because of the functionality of the room itself.

You cannot paint a passage “white” or any other easily stained colour and neither can you paint a kitchen with a bright colour especially when you are not using gloss which allows for easy cleaning unlike its counterpart.

Bedroom colours should be colours that invite sleep or relaxation not colours that might help you stay awake all night, reserve that for your study.

The living room is a place where you entertain guests and it should have colours that would easily invite them into your home,  not dull colours that can project depression or any other unwanted feelings.

My future painter might be in trouble in this sense because I might keep disturbing him on what colour pattern I would want for my future home. So single ladies out there or potential married women as the case may be,  should start planning how they will want their apartment to look like or how they would want their houses to look like.

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