Packing, Loading, Transporting and Unpacking

Moving/Relocation is a time consuming process that involves packing, loading and transporting of your possessions from your current location to intended destination. The conventional process of moving in most parts of the country(Nigeria) is to hire a truck from a truck company not minding the types of items that are going to be relocated which sometimes end up in either loss of items or damage of items.

This particular hiccup can be solved by hiring a professional mover to help with the process which will ensure that the items are handled with care throughout the process right from the packing stage to the unpacking stage.

WeMoveU_Safe-Moving-DC-MD-VA_3 Professional Movers make it easy for you to move your items from one destination to another while taking into consideration the value of your items which is rarely seen in most of the truck companies including when we pack ourselves.

This tiring process sometimes take days to complete which might account for the usual loss of items that are of sentimental value to us. We sometimes don’t have the necessary equipment to appropriately pack ourselves which sometimes end up in the improper placement of items and sometimes loss of such items.

Truck companies sometimes defraud individuals by making away with the possessions in their care which has reduced individual trust in getting help for the moving process. But moving companies in order to maintain their integrity put in as much effort in helping with the moving process while maintaining the security and safety of the items in their care. These professionals are well trained to work with efficiency and effectiveness.




Several helpful plans are readily available to potential customers which gives them a wide range of options to choose from not limiting them to a specific packages:

  • Do it Yourself Plan: This plan sometimes involve the company providing a truck, movers and equipment for you to move, pack your items and unpack at your destination. This plan allows you autonomy over the entire moving process which means that you are involved in the whole process.
  • You Pack, They Move: This plan involves you packing the items yourself and they move the items for you which eliminates the stress of moving the items yourself.
  • They pack, move and you arrange: This plan is aimed at reducing your stress in the whole process because all you need to do in the process is to arrange after they’ve completed their transporting stage.
  • They pack,move,unpack and arrange: This plan eliminates your stress completely and is by far the best plan of the 4.

Hutbay is rolling out a new package for the benefit of Nigerians that are planning to move now and in the future. This plan will involve providing Nigerians with all the tools they need to choose the best relocation companies that will be well suited for their relocation needs taking into consideration their financial capacity and proximity to such company.


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