The Hutbay Team at Demo Africa 2014

A couple of weeks ago, the hutbay team was one of the 40 start-ups around Africa that was chosen to pitch their ideas to potential investors and our team proudly upheld the integrity of our company. Our CEO, Mr Owolabi Olatunji proudly pitched the idea behind our company to investors from around the world who were very impressed with our performance.

During the event, the Hutbay team used the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with more stakeholders in the industry and also gaining useful ground with the potential investors. The team enlightened the attendees present at the event about the potential strength of The Nigerian Real Estate Marketplace and the possibility of expansion. We also enlightened them about the importance of the internet community to the industry and explained how the two industries are interwoven and how if utilized well can benefit both sides.



As much as the team was at the event to work, we were also there to socialize and get to know the stakeholders in the internet community which the event was not short of. Our team got to meet with representatives from the major companies in the  industry including Microsoft who were very much present at the event.



The team also got to “goof around” for lack of a better word while meeting representatives from other startups. We are very grateful to all our backers that were involved in the process. The Lagos Angels, IDEA hub and many more investors that have made this wonderful journey bump free for our team.

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