What Is Your Home Decoration Saying?

Sometimes we ignore the little things that matter in making our home right. The deal doesn’t just end at buying/renting a house. If you are human, you would care about what the inside of your home looks like and how it makes you feel. Questions like Is it welcoming? Is it comfortable? What mood does it portray? Would someone walk into your house and feel depressed by the colour setting? Or do you want someone to walk in and feel a sudden lifting in their spirits?

Perhaps you might be thinking that none of these is important, you might be thinking it does not matter but guess what? it does. Interior decoration is more important than we think. In fact, it is in a way, therapeutic.

The first thing to consider when decorating your home is the colour combination. In recent times, home owners employ professional interior decorators to handle the decoration of their home. This makes things easier but even with the services of an interior decorator, the homeowner is most times asked to make their primary colour choice.

What colour would you like your home to be themed with?

• Dark red, oxblood maybe, giving it a tint of danger or a certain hot attractiveness?
• Light green? Giving your home a look of freshness.
• Yellow? A tone of brightness and sunshine.
• Brown? Mature and distinct.

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5 Bedroom/5 Baths for rent in Opebi, Ikeja marketed by John Zedomi & Associates

When you have decided which colour you want as your primary colour, you can move on to the colour blends. Make sure you remember that the primary/background colour sets the tone for the rest of the home. It is also the colour that would welcome any guest into the home.
After the colour selection, the next step is choosing the appropriate furniture. Would a leather sofa fit your taste and budget?

Remember while making your choice of furniture, that an armchair or sofa can be more than just an object to relax on. It can be an object of art itself, glamorous and worthy of being studied too. Furniture may also include the framed painting that you intend to hang somewhere in your home, the small figurines that grace your vanity, bureau or shelf.

Furniture itself is meant to be art and not just fixtures that clutter up the place. Well-placed furniture would give your home a sense of glamour and coziness at the same time.

When choosing your furniture, these are things to consider:

Would you like your guests to feel like they are attending a meeting when they recline in your chairs?

Or would you want them comfortable?

Note that your home decorations should not just be focused on the living room alone. Every room in the house should be unique in style, because it is every room that makes it a home.

For people who have little kids or toddlers in the house, their home décor should take that into consideration. We don’t want so much glass or too many bright colours around the kids. We can do mahogany, leather or wood; that way there won’t be much need to worry about anything getting broken or anybody getting hurt.

These are few things to consider when decorating your home; it is advised that if you’re finding it difficult to come up with a cozy and beautiful looking home décor, you contact a professional interior decorator.

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