Agent Spotlight: Mr Patrick Ogungbola

Meeting trustworthy agents has always been a cause for worry in this part of the world and due to the current surge in the real estate sector of the economy as well as the gap which allows for quacks in the industry, We have a notion that it is better for you to meet the agents and get a mind grab of who they are and what their companies stand for.

Towards that end, meet one of Hutbay’s prominent real estate agent. He is a man that is highly passionate about the industry and the real estate profession.

Portrait 4   Name:   Patrick Ogungbola


   Favorite Home:   Luxuriously finished detached house with very large circulation area

Interviewer: How long have you been in the business?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: BLUEHEDGE REALTORS was formally established and registered in 2011. However, before its establishment, I have worked with various property companies offering real estate services. Hence, I have had up to 10 years of hands-on working experience in the real estate practice.

Interviewer: What are the factors that have contributed to the growth of your business?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: Several factors have contributed to the growth of our business. We are a company set up with a clear and definite mandate which is reflected in our vision and mission statements, as well as in our core values. These are like our ‘10 commandments’. In a nutshell, we deal on quality and affordable properties, and we specialize on Lekki-Ajah properties, which is just a segment of Lagos property market. Our non-negotiable core values is known with the acronym ‘IMPACT’ – Integrity, Motivation, Professionalism, Accountability, Customer satisfaction, and Trust. Detailed and underlying meaning of these can be got from our website:

Lastly, we have a simple business model and I liken our model to that of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ had twelve disciples chosen from diverse fields, and he trained them on the gospel assignment, which they carried on even after His departure. At BLUEHEDGE REALTORS, we bring people and train them to perform optimally. The company is not tied to one person.

Interviewer: Describe yourself in 3 words:

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: I am a Positive thinker, Passionate about real estate, and have undying Love for humanity (people).

Interviewer: How has the internet contributed to the growth of your business?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: The contribution of internet to the growth of our business cannot be overemphasized. Everything you know about BLUEHEDGE REALTORS today is linked to the internet, directly or indirectly. From our company website which also doubles as our online office, to our properties posted in various online portals and websites, including social media platform, all contribute to the high ranking of our company in the Nigerian real estate market place.

Interviewer: What advice do you have for a potential buyer who has no idea how to navigate the market?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: New property buyers should have a clear picture of the kind of property they want vis-à-vis the property type, their budget, preferred location, et cetera. For those seeking mortgage to buy properties, they should know all the requirements from the Mortgage Company or bank to avoid waste of time, loss of money and energy.

Prospective buyers should also endeavour to deal with registered, trusted and traceable estate agents. I have heard of many cases of fraudulent real estate transactions, and innocent clients being duped of their hard-earned money.

Lastly, prospective buyers should not show much desperation in the quest for their dream homes, as this can affect their negotiation and other parties may use this to take advantage of them.

Interviewer: Has Hutbay in anyway increase your sale-ability? If Yes, Please Explain

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: Honestly speaking, Hutbay has increased the sales of our property severally. Hutbay is currently one of the best property websites in Nigeria. They are very innovative and they are very good in what they do. They have excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which ensures that your property adverts come up on the first page of any search engine like google when people are searching for properties.

In addition to the above, their review section for agents whereby clients that have had dealings with an agent comment on his/ her services, add more credibility to the profile of such agent. Moreso, the success of real estate business is largely dependent on trust and integrity.  Quite a number of clients have called to inform us that they read some reviews about us from Hutbay written by people who had made use of our services before, and that based on their comments; they are ready to deal with us.

Interviewer: What is the best compliment you have received from a client?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: We receive pleasant comments and compliments from our clients on a daily basis. Few of these are already published on the testimonial section of our website, and also on the review section of our platform on Hutbay. We are always very humbled whenever we receive such compliments. The truth is money can buy many things, but it can never buy honest, unbiased and sincere compliments. We have several wonderful commendations/ compliments from our clients, hence it is pretty difficult to term any as the best. However, for the purpose of the question, let me just recite one of them;

I must say that your professionalism in regards to how you handle your transactions is very credible especially in this industry where trustworthy companies are getting harder to find by the day.

Your immense knowledge of the real estate market as well as other related investments is also highly commendable.

As an existing client, I have gained a lot from your expertise and I can confidently say that I have used your advice to make informed investment decisions that have paid off tremendously.

I will continue to recommend friends and associates to your firm so they can experience the awesome service that you keep on providing to me. Kindly keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

Ik Osadebe

Interviewer: What is the No 1 advice you have for agents just starting out on Hutbay?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: The number one advice I have for new agents just starting out on Hutbay is to ensure they build their profile in terms of trust and credibility. They should prove to Hutbay that they are real and genuine, so that they can be marked as a trusted agent. People will only buy from you if they trust you. After this, they should now ensure they post genuine and verified properties only.

Interviewer: What do you think is the most important detail a buyer/renter should look for when searching for a property?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: The answer to this question is also related to that of question 5. In addition to my comments in question 5, a buyer/ renter should pay attention to the property and neighbourhood features. These include quality of construction/ finishings, neighbourhood security, nature of road, water and electricity condition, and other facilities/ services, to mention a few. The buyers/ renters or their lawyer should also ensure to carry out proper due diligence with regards to the property, the title document and the authenticity of the acclaimed owner or landlord.

Interviewer: When you are not busy as a real estate agent, what do you do in your free-time?

Mr Patrick Ogungbola: Frankly speaking, I rarely have free-time, because when you’re not conducting inspection of properties, you may be posting property adverts. When you’re not doing that, you may be posting or updating real estate articles on the website, or even responding to property enquiries via phone calls, email, sms, etc which sometimes can last for several minutes/ hours.

However, whenever I decide to create a ‘free-time’, I go on a walk-out with my wife, or we may go visit some family friends/ members.

Thank you.

Here are some of the properties in the care of his company:

4 Bedroom Detached for Sale in Crown Estate, Ajah, Lagos

4 Bedroom Detached for Sale in Crown Estate, Ajah, Lagos

Brand new and well finished 4 bedroom detached house at Crown Estate, Lekki-Lagos.

5 Bedroom Duplex for Rent in Ajah

5 Bedroom Duplex for Rent in Ajah

Brand new and superbly finished luxury 5 bedroom duplex + inbuilt boysquarter with 1 bedroom bungalow at Lekki Peninsula Scheme Two, by Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ajah-Lagos

Company Profile: Bluehedge Realtors is rated as one of the top-most firm of real estate consultants in Nigeria. We are registered company under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria, pursuant to Section 659 (1990). We are also registered with the Lagos State Real Estate Transaction Department (LASRETRAD) as Certified Real Estate Practitioners pursuant to executive order No. EO/BRF/009 of 2012.

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