Redesigned Find an Agent Directory Bring Agents Closer to Consumers

Searching for agents within your neighborhood of interests just becomes a lot easier. No more endless pouring into Yellow Pages or newspaper ads making random calls to reach out to random agents. This is a painful and time-wasting process.

But Hutbay is changing the way consumers will start finding real estate agents in Nigeria. Consumers can now use Hutbay to narrow down agents that service a particular area and get more information about each agents including reviews and ratings from their past clients. This new find an agent directory from Hutbay will improve drastically consumer’s experience while searching for an agent, just as Hutbay helped change the way people search for homes.

Today’s consumers want a snappy and easier access to vital information about real estate and Hutbay is at the forefront in making this a reality. The new agents directory from Hutbay also provides real estate professionals an ideal platform to promote their brand and listings to potentially new clients.

Agent's Directory

The Find an Agent Home Page


When users search for agent in an area by entering the area name, the system pull all agents that covers that area and present the user with snapshot results which include the name of the agent, the photo of the agent, the number of reviews the agents has and a button that user’s can use to contact the agent with a single click. Links to the full profile and company information about the agents are included just in case the user wants to know more an agent.

For example, a consumer may want to connect with agents in Ajah so that they can help her with his search for property to rent/buy or with helping sell or rent her property. By simply typing Ajah in the search box, she call pull all agents that covers Ajah  within few seconds and get to know more information about these agents including their reviews.

Hutbay agent directory rank the list of agents shown to consumers, first by their subscription type on Hutbay, and then by the number of reviews each agent has. Agents can improve their ranking and visibility in the directory by becoming a premier agent and by having more reviews.


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