10 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Moving can be a tedious undertaking, especially if it is not well planned. To help lightens your burden and help make your move a lot smoother, we offer these 10 moving tips. The list is not exhaustive but if you adhere to these tips, you are assured a better moving experience.

1. The do-it-yourself approach

Under the guise of saving some cash, some may want to opt for the do-it-yourself route. While DIY can be a good option and save you a lot of money, however, in regards to moving, it should never be an option. The time, the stress, the dangerous job. Paying someone to do the dirty job (pun intended) of packing, moving and heavy lifting can save you a lot of stress and frustration.

Hiring a moving company or removals allows you to focus more on your normal day-to-day operations with no noticeable gap in even your commitments at work or in your company. You leave everything set up at your old house longer and have it unpacked at your new house faster, which means you’ll be calling your new house a home that much sooner.

2: Hiring a shady mover.

This is Nigeria; you must be smart and wise. Hiring cheap movers can result in loosing your treasured valuables, poor handling of your items leading to damages or even total lost of all items you have in the truck. Make sure to steer clear of poor-quality moving services. Use a service like Hutbay Movers to get pre-qualified movers whilst at the same time do your own research. Leave nothing to chance.

3. Moving truck vs valuables mismatch

Your mover turned up on the day of moving, only for both of you to realize that the truck they brought either cannot enter into your gate due to its size or some of your items are too big to fit into the truck. To avoid this scenario, it is advisable that you ensure you mover visit your property upfront to inspect all the possessions and valuables you’d like to move. Beware of cutting-corners! Hiding some of your possessions so that you get a cheaper removals quote may backfire.

4. Your appliances/equipments are still intact

If your washing machine, for instance, is still connected on the day of moving, you can’t expect movers to turn electrician or plumber overnight. And keeping your mover waiting while you seek for plumbers/electrician to disconnect your washing machine may be disingenuous. Removals men are not plumbers. If you need help on disconnecting your appliances, you can seek the help of a relative or contact your mover in advance to help find qualified artisans to do the job.

5. Your custom-fitted furnitures refuse to move

Obviously, you have been very busy and a lot occupied the days before your moving that this never crossed your mind. The very bed you love to lay on, the wardrobe you spent a fortune to buy will need to be disassembled by a team of, possibly, hard-to-get professionals. Moving these items can be so serious and difficult that your window frame or whole door(s) will have to be completely removed to make way for them.

6. Locating your house is a challenge for your mover

Don’t leave anything to chance, or else you may pay for it! You’ve lived in your house for years and you may take it for granted that with a mere description, anyone should be able to locate it. Wrong! Ensure your mover have the full address of where you are moving from and where you are moving to. Give your mover at least two phone numbers they can call if they need help. Also, ensures you or someone is at your new residence to open the doors for the movers upon arrival and to monitor the unpacking from the truck.

7. Signing no contract with your mover

To avoid a situation that may lead to argument on any extra fee to pay your mover, ensure you have a water tight contract with your moving company; the price agreed for the correct size of the move and that nothing else has been left to chance, such as money for fuel, offloading fees, insurance, packing boxes, parking permits, waiting time penalties etc.

8. Forgetting to check your insurance

Especially for a large household or when treasured valuables are involved, insuring your move can be a life-saver. Of course, you will pray for safe moving; but you will also do the right thing! Breakages do happen, even with the best moving company, so make sure you are fully insured. Your mover may provide insurance as an add-on or may recommend an insurer, or your household insurance may be increased to cover the move. If something is broken during the move, take photos so you have a record and alert the movers immediately.

9. Taking your mover for granted

While it is true that your mover are working for their money, you don’t want to take that too far. A little kindness, a little courtesy may lead to your mover going the extra mile for you even way beyond the agreed fee. Make sure to welcome everyone on the movers’s crew and give them some refreshments if you can afford it. Making a good impression could protect your belongings while they pack (they do it more carefully) and over the course of transit.

10. You forgot your adorable cat

Because your cat saw unusual men in the house and everything including his lovely sofa where he used to play removed, he has gone to hide, wondering what is going on. In the midst of monitoring your treasured valuables, you forgot the little cute who keeps you warm and amuse when you are alone.

In the chaos of moving, it can be easy to forget that your pet has to move as well. To avoid this, ask your pet’s veterinarian a day or two before moving in order to arrange for their safe and best moving to your new place of residence. Ask for travel recommendations in order to minimize the stress of moving for your pet.

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