Hutbay Launch Custom Webpages for Estate Agents and Developers

LAGOS, June 09, 2015: Hutbay, the online real estate marketplace for property and property-related services has launched a product towards helping real estate agents and developers have a more prominent presence online and to extend their reach to today’s real estate consumers.

Real estate agency is primarily a mobile and offline profession. Information technology (IT), as it were, is not the forte of real estate professionals. However, more and more real estate consumers are going online to find property and property-related services. To help agents reach this new class of consumers and vice versa, Hutbay has launched Company Pages for estate agents.

This new product , which have been in beta for some weeks now, works by creating a customizable web pages for agents, and curate their listings in a way that visitors to their pages can easily browse through and view more details about each listings.

The benefits of this new product are many key among which are:

An SEO-Optimized Url: Real estate agents can choose a custom username for their company page in a way that is consistent with their brand policy. For instance, an estate firm like Bluehedge Realtors can choose their username to be bluehedgerealtors so that their company page url looks short and professional:

Customizable Rich-Media: Agents can add up to four beautiful images of their own choosing to adorn their pages. Most modern websites are not complete without background images or sliding photos. By adding this functionality, Hutbay hopes to help agents have webpages that appeals to the new class of consumers.

Company Information: Agents can add as much information about their company to their company page including their About Us, their Services. The system automatically add a profile of each user under the company to the Meet Our Team page on the company page. By providing these features, Hutbay is encouraging transparency in the marketplace by allowing each estate agency to provide as much information about themselves as necessary.

Dynamic Listings: New listings can be added to the company page at anytime by the agents themselves. Hutbay pulls and curate the listings of all the agents under an estate agency firm and places them under the appropriate section of either For Sale or To Rent. So, the pages are not static pages as the contents are changing as the agents list new properties or update their profile.

Lead Generation Form: To help agents turn visitors to their websites into leads and potential clients, the company page comes with the standard Contact Page where visitors can view contact information about the agents and even use the form on the page to send email to the agents in real time.

Hutbay looks forward to making property hunting an hassle-free experience for all and to help each property hunter make a informed real estate decisions.


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