A Comparison Platform for Moving Companies and to Get Moving Quotes

Moving your office or home  within Nigeria doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore. With Hutbay Movers, you can now get and compare quotes from reputable moving companies, compare their rates and read their reviews or testimonials.

Hutbay Movers is similar to a directory of movers except that it is dedicated for moving companies and connecting movers with those who are about to move. The platform comes with custom pages for moving companies, where you can get to know more about each moving company, tools to request for quotes from movers, ability to review a mover and read their reviews.

Hutbay Movers Home Page

Hutbay Movers Home Page


Hutbay Movers is bringing transparency to a sector that has been, as it were, hidden from the public view. We are making moving as easy as booking an hotel or a flight. Hutbay makes money by charging referral fees.

Until now, there is no dedicated platform in Nigeria for moving companies to connect with about-to-move persons or businesses. You’d search internet directories or yellow pages to look up movers and then you start calling each mover.  This is a laborious process as, each time, you’d have to tell them your address, list the valuables you are moving, the date you want to move, et cetera and hopefully get a quote. You spend lots of time and money for little or no result.

For the above reasons, most people who have moved using traditional method end up calling and dealing with only one mover and most times, ends up overpaying for less-than-professional service. There is even no way to warn the general public of a bad mover or recommend a good one. With Hutbay Movers, it is as simple as requesting for quotes (you provide your information once) and verified and reputable movers will send you free quotes. You can then compare rates, read reviews of each mover before you commit.

This first iteration of Hutbay Movers covers directory, web pages for movers, reviews and ratings, and requesting for free quotes. In the next iteration, we will be making improvements based on feedbacks and also allow consumers use a map to find movers. We will also be making the site responsive to mobile and also come up with dedicated mobile app.

The benefits to movers are huge. Apart from the exposure that Hutbay provides for its movers, they will also get more quality leads than before. Hutbay pre-verify every lead by phone and email verification. So, in exchange for a referral fee, Hutbay does marketing and exposure and get movers quality leads.


About Hutbay:

Hutbay is an online real estate marketplace dedicated to helping buyers, renters, sellers, real estate agents, property developers, mortgage institutions find and share vital information about property and property-related services. Hutbay’s mission is to help consumers make informed real estate decisions throughout the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home: buying, selling, renting, financing, moving, remodeling and more. Hutbay was formally launched in May 2013 and currently have over 1,400 agents on its platform with over 5,000 listings till date.

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For questions, clarification or for any correspondence, please send an email to contact@hutbay.com or use the form on our contact page [hutbay.com/contact].

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