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Your house should be a reflection of your personality as an individual and as a family unit. And one way to achieve this is by painting your home in colors that add to the charm of your home, as well as painting in the colors that creates a comfortable environment where the family and guest feel welcome.

The beauty of painting is that there are diverse colors and patterns to choose from for each room in your home.  Therefore, it gives you an opportunity to get creative and have fun decorating your house by thinking up a theme and picking colors that go with that theme and the atmosphere you are trying to create.

You can choose to paint the different rooms in different colors, thus giving each room its own vibe and feel that is true to the personalities who will use the room the most. If you have been saddled with how to pulls things off, as it concerns what colors to paint it and how to go about things, then you may want to take the ideas in this read seriously.

So, if you are ready to get hands- on painting ideas for your house, then here are some painting ideas to think of as you decorate your new homes:

Consider color combinations

Whoever said that a room must be painted with one color or that all the rooms has to have the same color? Give the rooms in your home character by using color combinations that bring your home to life. Also, vibrant colors that are breathtaking and leave you inspired does the magic.  Remember to work with a professional in coming up with a color scheme that will work for your home.



There are so many variations to choose from depending on the mood  and setting  you wish to create with color combinations that have been tried before like: Gray and lavender, blue and green- if going for an ocean feel, blue and blue (different types of blue-) if you are looking for a calming atmosphere, amongst many other combos.  It is needful to note that the color combinations also depend on the room you are using them in. Some certain colors work best in the bathroom, others work best in the study and library, while others work best in the rooms that connect to the outside.

Generate a dramatic entrance

Let the entrance to your home make a statement, by using vivid and welcoming inviting colors that draw the eyes of everyone who enters. Remember, you can use two colors on a wall, or one color with two shades; thereby complementing or contrasting them and creating the desired effect you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and then off set them with pale colors and pattern and furniture that go with bold colors like orange.

Use the Seasons as Inspiration

When thinking of places like the kitchen or the sitting room that leads to the verandah, get creative by choosing one of the seasons you love the best. If the dry season is your favorite season, then choose colors that remind you of colorful flowers, beautiful skies and lush green gardens. Hence, use colors such as yellow, light blue, green that would fit in nicely with the dry season theme.  Likewise, if you are interested in the rainy season, you should then use whites and cool blues to create the atmosphere.

Use Culture and textures

Are you interested in a particular culture, then be inspired by using colors from some of the artifacts and crafts that you have from that culture? You can look for colors that complement and go with the cultural look you desire.  You can have a Yoruba theme or an African theme or feel, so use colors that you associate with the places and culture. You could also draw inspiration from an era or specific time or historical past, thereby giving your home a historical touch while making it modern at the same time.

Create the atmosphere and mood you desire

Even if you don’t have much space in home, you can still create a warm and cozy atmosphere for cold days, when all you want to do is stay at home. You can achieve that by using colors like; pure white (if you want to feel like you are basking in pure light), or Mediterranean blue (if you want to feel like you are at sea). You can also use dark colors and shade if want more enclosed feeling. You can use deep blue (if you interested in depth), sand color for maybe the walls and ceilings (if you want some warmth), Purple (if you want a regal touch), and pale yellow with some green twist, or a citrus color (if you want to evoke a sunshine feeling).

Look beyond just the Walls

When thinking of painting and being creative, remember there is more to paint, than just the walls. There is the ceiling (painting it a different shade, can make the room look and feel different). There is also the floor to be painted, you can use a color or use the same shade especially if it is a small room and you want to give the perception of it being a bigger room. You can also paint some key pieces of furniture to go along with your chosen theme and mood, and this adds to overall beauty of your home. Then there are also the door and window frames, which you can paint with bold colors to give your home a pop of color and make it standout.

Do remember that your home should be a true reflection of you, your tastes and desires, so don’t just rush into choosing any theme or color, because it is the current thing in fashion.  Also be open to ideas, because inspiration often comes from the simplest things around us. So, go ahead experiment by combining different colors, don’t be afraid of bold colors, but remember to be moderate and to pair bold colors with other colors that work well, after all you don’t want your home to scream too loudly.

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