5 Tips to Make Your Living Room Come Alive

If you have ever entered a living room whose view got you amazed, then you will agree that style and taste are some of the key factors in making a living room beautiful. The Living room is a key and important place in any home. More often than not, it is usually the first room one sees upon entering a house. It sets the tone and atmosphere of the entire home.

It is where guests and visitors are welcomed and entertained. It is also the place where family members gather together for fun activities. The living room also speaks volumes about the people who live in the home, as it reflects their tastes, style and image. Therefore, when decorating your living room you have to be mindful that this room reflects your family and what you represent.

There are many ways to go about designing your home, so it is important to ask yourself several important questions before you get started. Questions like; what kind of style do you want? What kind of mood or tone do you want to convey, and how big of a space do I have to work with? By looking at these considerations, you will generate great ideas that will help you create and bring to life the living room of your dreams.

So, if you have been tinkering with how to make your living room come alive, then you may want to make the following tips yours….

1. Choose a Style

There are so many styles to choose from, but choose the one that speaks to you and also meets your needs. Remember, it is not only the visual that you should think about but also functionality, as the living room is used often. There is the Modern style that is often characterized by the colors: black, white and gray.

Whatever the case maybe, remember to keep in mind that it is better to use more than one color and shade when working with the living room. Often times, working with one color makes it dominant while working with more than one color creates a beautiful effect. If you are interested in more colors with a more vibrant feel, then the Contemporary style is for you, as it often uses light brown and off gray white as its dominant colors and darker shades like orange and blue for secondary and accents.

2. Choose a Theme

Often times, people are attracted to certain themes. And what better opportunity to share your love and interest by using it in your living room. Sometimes, themes are associated with certain places, thoughts, objects, colors, sports, specific cultures and artifacts. There are so many themes you can choose from to reflect your personality, your culture and interests. You can use seasons to inspire you, ,you can use nature to inspire you (the beach, forest, mountains, garden can be used as themes), you can as well use culture and also explore and go deeper into a specific country or group.

3. Select a Mood

When people walk into your living room, what do you want them to feel or experience? The mood of your living room can set the tone and atmosphere. There are so many moods that can be achieved by painting and decoration. These moods range from the exotic, bold and warm to the Earthy, relaxing, calming, and cool moods.

4. Your furniture

This is also one of the very first things that would capture the fancy of anyone that enters your home. Therefore, you want to be sure that you have something cozy and unique. There are loads of furniture men out there that claim they know what they are doing, so be sure you have an expert make you a good furniture if you want to make something new. Otherwise, there are many places where you can purchase some foreign made upholstery.

5. Invest In Gadgets

These days, we have come to see the way gizmos and gadgets have taken over the globe. One of the show of style and affluence in your living room is the choice of electronics you have. That is not to say that you still cannot keep it simple by buying electronics that do not cost an arm and a leg. It is for this reason that you have got to choose your television, sound system and other gadgets wisely, as there are still unique gadgets that are affordable.

Finally remember, that the living room embodies the personality and the interest of your family and also should reflect the mood of your family or what you want to use the room for. If you want it mainly for entertainment, then maybe you should try the exotic, bold and warm moods when using colors that radiate them. On the other hand if you want it to be a quiet place, where people can forget about all the stress of the world outside, then keep it simple and scanty because less is more.

At the end, remember this is the place you are going to spend a lot of time as a family with extended family members, friends and visitors to your home, so make sure it is something you can live with.

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