5 Things to Look Out for When Relocating

Relocating and changing one’s place of abode is commonplace and the process can be quite stressful. People move or relocate for different reasons, whether it is to start a new job, for business purpose, to attend college, the desire to experience other cultures, or simply to change environment. It is estimated that over 2.2 million Lagosians are going to relocate within the next 5 years.

There will always be diverse reasons to relocate from one place to another. Whatever the case for relocating may be, it is imperative to note that there has to be some plans that should be carefully put in place so that your move is as satisfactory as possible, leaving no room for regrets. Therefore, you need to consider some vital factors when you are looking to relocate to another city or country; a thorough job has to be done here.

If you are going to relocate to another city or country and would like to arm yourself with key things to consider before moving, then you may want to consider the tips in this article. This article highlight factors that you have got to consider if you want to make your relocation worthwhile.

1. Cost of Living

Some cities are more expensive to live in than others. All cities are not meant for all-comers. There are places where low or middle income earners cannot live in because of the high cost of living. It is important for you to note that if the cost of living is high, it may definitely tell on your family’s lifestyle. So, it is imperative that you research to find out what living in such a city you are desiring to move to is like. Find out if it is expensive to live there, the mainstay of the people there, is there night life there, do people face natural disasters, et cetera. Doing this means that you are being careful not to take the wrong step.

2. Accommodation Prices

Your next port of call would be to find out if finding a befitting accommodation for you or for you and your family will cost an arm and a leg. It is obvious, the decision on accommodation may be the most important step in your moving expedition. So, with the findings you get, you may want to consider choosing between renting an apartment and buying a house.

For instance; if you are relocating to the Nigeria, you may be able to buy a nice 3 Bedroom semi-detached in the affluent neighborhood of Lekki for $200,000 (about 45 million Naira) and expect that it would be with a large living room, dining room, large kitchen and basement. On the other hand, renting the same property in the same neighborhood will cost you around $25k (or five million Naira) per annum; that is 1/11th of the cost of the property. Therefore, depending on your pocket and plans, you may want to opt to buy rather than rent.

This decision, that is, the affordability of property in where you are moving to and whether you want to rent or buy, has to be determined before you relocate. You should determine which option will best suit your budget. You may want to engage a trusted real estate agent to assist you in deciding what option to take.

3. Schools

If you have a family relocating with you, it is important you do your research on the schooling system there. You want to know the schools that are within the neighbourhood and their reputation. Is the city you are migrating to in favour of private schools that are usually more expensive or is there a government schooling system that the city is well disposed to?

As part of the schooling system information, you need to also check out what the youthful exuberance is like. How will such lifestyle affect that of your children, since eventually they will be relating with them? Is there a scholarship programme that your children can benefit from? These and more, are the type of information you need to be armed with before you move.

4. The Job Market

This step cannot be over flogged. If you desire to grow and go up the corporate ladder in the city or country you are migrating to, then you need to find out what opportunities are available for career growth.Find out where the nearest commercial centers are. Find answers to questions like; what industry thrives the most in this city?  Is it banking, hospitality and tourism, or is it oil and gas? What is this city known for? Does it fit your career plan and vision? Will it help you achieve that plan? You must seek answers to these critical questions as you plan to relocate.

5. The Weather

If you are relocating close to your present place of abode, then you may not really need to worry your pretty head over what the weather may look like over there. However, if you are relocating to, say the northern part of Nigeria, you may have to brood over this because the effect of the hot Sahara-like weather may significantly affect your health and your lifestyle. The same applies if you are moving to another country; you need to to ensure your moving does not turn to nightmare due to the weather impairing on your health and lifestyle. Talk to your doctor for professional advice in this aspect.

There you have it. These are very important tips to consider before relocating. May you have a pleasant moving experience even as your next place of residence bring you happier and more memorable moments than you have known!

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