Things You Should Know Before Renting Your First Apartment

So, you are finally ready to rent your very first apartment? You feel you are now ready to take on that responsibility? This will make you earn the respect of many, especially your friends who are still putting up with friends, colleagues or staying with relatives or parents and come across as mature to all. Before donning this maturity, here are a few things you need to know about renting your first apartment:

All Landlords Are Not The Same

As humans, we come in different shapes, sizes, complexion, and temperaments. As our faces are different, so are our character, personalities and biases. The fact that you’ve seen brash and uncompassionate landlords doesn’t mean all landlords are brash and uncompassionate.

As we have the insensitive ones, so do we have the very reasonable and affectionate ones. The fact that someone you know has had a bitter experience with his/her landlord doesn’t necessary mean your experience with your first landlord will be bitter. Ditto for good experiences. 

You May Not Be Able To Choose Your Landlord

Depending on how urgent you want to move into your apartment, the luxury of time to choose the ideal landlord for you may not be there. Oh, your dream landlord is tolerant, very friendly, welcoming and always minds his business?

Here is a spoiler alert: There are very high chances you will not get him. Time to do a thorough search and get someone who fits your profile may not be there!

You May Not Be Able To Choose Your Neighbours

If you succeed in choosing a landlord of your choice, which is very, very unlikely, there are very high chances you wouldn’t be able to choose your neighbours. Why? Because it isn’t your job to do so.

More so, you may not be your landlords first tenant. Even if you are, that isn’t a criterion for him to consult you before taking in new tenants. So, just forget it.

Not All Apartments Will Suit Your Person

You are a people person? You seamlessly relate and adapt to changes? The general rule is: not all apartments will suit your person. Perhaps due to your temperament or your profession or your standard of living or whatever the case may be, there are apartments you will find it very uncomfortable to stay in.

After considering if the apartment suits you, you have to consider things like its closeness to the road, market, hospital, worship center – church or mosque – depending on your religion, and a handful other things that are important to you.

You’ll Discover More About Your New Environment After You’ve Moved In

Regardless of how well you surveyed your new environment before moving in, there will always be new things to learn. It may be a shortcut along the road or a relaxation spot down the road or you just name it.

You will also discover new things about your neighbours or landlord. It may be that you share the same religion or ethnicity or any other thing. What is however certain is – you will discover new things.

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