How Your Home’s Exterior Building Materials Affect Curb Appeal

Selling your home is all about making a great first impression. Known as curb appeal, the impression your home makes at first sight can make or break an inquiry.

What role do your home’s exterior building materials or siding play in the curb appeal game? Depending on the materials you use, siding creates character. And most important of all, the upkeep of these materials reveals how well you’ve cared for the rest of the house.

Here are some of the most common building materials and the impressions they give:

  • Brick exteriors instantly give a stately, sophisticated feeling. They call to mind the traditional look of colonial architecture, and are thus often found on homes that feature other aspects of this style, such as round columns on the porch, large windows, a symmetrical exterior, gables and high roofs.
  • Concrete that looks plain and grey makes a home look unpolished. But there’s a quick fix. According to Tex Con Construction, concrete is a highly versatile material that can be colored and formed to look like virtually any other exterior building material. Cover structural concrete with a new layer of decorative concrete for a cheap alternative to costlier materials like brick or stone. This makes your home look like every detail has been accounted for.
  • Stone is a somewhat rare building material these days. Faux stone is more likely to be used as a decorative layer. However, it still does the trick, making a home look both cozy and stately at the same time. Variations in the color, shape and size of stone give a home a unique character. Because of the cost of true stone, traditionally stone houses are associated with high-brow areas and will make your home look like it worth every single penny.
  • Wood characterizes cabins and other quaint but cozy homes. There can be great variation in wooden exteriors. They can mimic the round logs of rustic cabins or can have a more shingled look. Wood exteriors can also look like a step-up from vinyl exteriors, running horizontal in the same way. Numerous styles can be found in terms of color and grain.
  • Vinyl is common because it is affordable and durable. It is also easy to clean and paint. Vinyl itself does not necessarily give any curbside impressions, but a fresh coat of paint in a flattering color goes a long way.
  • Stucco is increasingly common among modern homes and has an earthy, organic color that instantly add warmth to the overall impression of a home. And this welcoming warmth is perfect when you want your home to seem inviting and cozy.

Regardless of Material, a Clean Exterior Turns Heads

It’s important to note that, while exterior building materials certainly give off certain vibes, the vital element is upkeep. Even the most elegant brick home will turn buyers away if the bricks are crumbling and have half and inch of dirt and mildew on them.

Pressure washing is typically suitable for cleaning exteriors that are already in good condition. In some cases, the high pressure can cause chips and flakes to come off of brick, stone, concrete, stucco, etc., which of course is undesirable. But a deep cleaning, even if it is more gently done with a scrub brush and normal garden hose, will brighten a home considerably. Apply an appropriate sealant, and/or give it a fresh coat of stain or paint to keep the exterior protected and looking fresh.

When the exterior looks well-cared for and it’s clear that you’ve paid attention to the little details, such as fixing any broken trim or gutters, potential buyers will feel more confident about the overall condition of the home.

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