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Benefits of Buying a Home Through a Real Estate Agent
Agent Spotlight: Mr Patrick Ogungbola
Agent Spotlight: Mr Segun Ogunbiyi

Benefits of Buying a Home Through a Real Estate Agent

When it reaches a time to own a home either through cash buying or a loan, it is prudent to consider using a real estate agent. It will avoid making a mistake that many people make and pay for it heavily. Today, there are numerous agents who can help you buy a home fast and conveniently. Hutbay is one such agency, and they have helped many people get their dream home. Choosing to use this method has the following benefits.
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Agent Spotlight: Mr Patrick Ogungbola

Meeting trustworthy agents has always been a cause for worry in this part of the world and due to the current surge in the real estate sector of the economy as well as the gap which allows for quacks in the industry, We have a notion that it is better for you to meet the agents and get a mind grab of who they are and what their companies stand for.

Towards that end, meet one of Hutbay’s prominent real estate agent. He is a man that is highly passionate about the industry and the real estate profession. Read More

Agent Spotlight: Mr Segun Ogunbiyi

Every prospective client wants to have a peek at the integrity and professionalism of the agent who is in charge of the property they are about to buy or rent. Below is an interview with Mr Ogunbiyi Olusegun, one of Hutbay’s agents.

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  Name: Ogunbiyi Olusegun

  Company: Charis Global Resources

  Years in the Business: A little over six years.

 Q: What factors have contributed to the growth of your business?

A: I would say that the most important factors that have helped grow my business are tenacity, consistency and customer satisfaction. When your aim is to leave a happy and satisfied customer, you would always aim for the best. Read More

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