It’s easy to build a home gym in your spare bedroom, basement, or even garage.  However, when doing so, it can be easy to focus strictly on gym equipment, rather than the interior décor you will have to look at every day while getting your sweat on.

If you are looking for some easy ways to brighten up your home gym and make it more inviting (so you actually want to work out every day) check out our top tips.

1. Get Your Paint On

Painting the walls, or even just adding an accent wall or strip of color instantly boosts your mood when it’s time to work out.  In fact, adding a color that you love inspires you to do your best each day, thus reaching your goals faster than ever.

2. Consider the Floor
Your workout surface should not only be practical, but good-looking as well.  Since the flooring takes up a significant amount of space in your home gym, it is easy to drag your mood down if the floor is drab.

Consider interlocking tiles that are easy to install and come in many different colors.  Better yet, treat your floor with epoxy, a waterproof coating that makes slipping non-existent and cleaning a cinch.

Several different flooring options are available that will work for your home gym.  Simply check them out and pick which one looks and feels best to you.

3. Add Mirrors
Track your progress, watch your form, and make your enclosed room appear larger by adding large mirrors throughout your workout space.

You can add a variety of sizes (that come in just as many affordable prices) and spread them throughout your home gym as you see fit.  After all, checking yourself out as you go big on the weights is one of the best motivations out there.

4. Change up the Lighting
Chances are you will be doing several different types of workouts in your home gym.  Even if you purchase the best home gym on the market today, you may want to do some daily yoga, Pilates, or even simple stretches to round out your workout routines.

If this is the case, you may want to alter the lighting to match your workout.  Add a dimmer switch or lamps with varying warmth to capture the perfect mood.

5. Add Some Speakers
With a home gym, you are free to blare whatever kind of music you want, without the worry you are bothering other gym-goers.

Add some high tech speakers to your home gym and connect your iPod to it so you can easily listen to your favorite tunes, without hassling with devices or headphones.

6. Personalize Your Space
Even with colorful walls, beautiful flooring, and the best home gym money can buy, chances are you will want to personalize your workout space to make it your own special sanctuary.

Sticking to a workout plan is not always easy.  However, adding in motivational posters, decorative hooks for hanging equipment bands and workout bags, and even adding in some cool workout mats can help you push through the times you just don’t want to work out.

In the end, having a home gym is a luxury that many people wish they could have.  If you have one, decorate your workout space so you can stick to your goals and improve your health, all while maintaining your inspiration to keep going.

lindsayThis article was written by Lindsay Liedke for Hutbay Blog. Lindsay is a professional freelance writer, a mother and a lover of all things organized.



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