Interior Decor


If you think virtual reality is only for those in the video games and entertainment industry and nothing more, then you’re still living in the past. Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly changing the way architects, real estate developers, and interior designers design and market their projects and ideas to clients. Until now, interior designers, developers and architects relied on renderings, drawing skills, intuition and the costly process of trial and error to present design concept…

This week, we continue the series on the beautification of rooms. These do-it-yourself (d-i-y) designs are super affordable and easy to make, transporting you into the remarkable space you have always dreamed of. Remove the Clutter! Before your home can feel light and look modern the clutter has to be taken out.  Clutter is never glamorous and it also doesn’t help with how the mind processes information. In fact studies show that a cluttered home…

We all want that Wow! factor when we enter our private spaces. We want our safe a haven to be heaven to us. A place where we can retreat to after an hectic day, a place that is physically and mentally secure, where we can be at our most vulnerable. It is however easy to get stuck when designing your space, you don’t want it to be too cluttered and you also don’t want your…

Lightening up a dark and dreary room will instantly make it more appealing. But if adding windows or making other structural changes isn’t an option, you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of easy ways to decorate a dark room and turn it into a lighter, brighter place you and your loved ones will want to spend time in.

Lighting is one of the most overlooked and yet important elements of good interior design  After all, there is little point in creating luxury surroundings if they cannot then be appreciated properly or if there is insufficient light to be able to carry out even the most basic of tasks.  In addition though, lighting is also essential in terms of creating the mood and ambience of a living space, so getting it right from the start is vital. Lighting fixtures that illuminate a room creates a safe and comfortable environment besides adding style to the interior décor.  The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style.

we’ve probably already established that wooden window frames have numerous benefits that make them an astounding addition to any house, for both functional and aesthetic reasons. However, there is no such thing as perfection in this world, and all things have some flaw to their design somewhere. Unfortunately, wooden window frames are no exception. While being beautiful and easy to install, they are not without their own flaws, as difficult to believe as it may be.

The problem with Interior Design is that a lot many people confuse it with Interior Decoration. While the former refers to designing an entire living space from scratch, the latter refers to decorating an existent living space with added furniture and upholstery. Interior Design is indeed a science that is bound by its own elements and principles and yes, it is not as simple as one imagines it to be! Generally interior designers go by the rule book that states that ‘There are 7 elements and 7 principles of Interior Design’.

“Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior space, through the manipulation of spatial volume as well as surface treatment. Not to be confused with interior decoration, interior design draws on aspects of environmental psychology, architecture, and product design in addition to traditional decoration.

An interior designer is a person who is considered a professional in the field of interior design or one who designs interiors as part of their job. Interior design is a creative practice that analyzes programmatic information, establishes a conceptual direction, refines the design direction, and produces graphic communication and construction documents. In some jurisdictions, interior designers must be licensed to practice.” – Source :Wikipedia