If you work from home, or if you often take some office work to-go, then you understand the difficulty of working remotely. A home office is a great way to get motivated and stay focused, but even a designated work space doesn’t guarantee productivity. Here are some tips to follow for workplace interior design.

  1. Functional Comfort: Comfortable desks and chairs reduce strain, allowing employees to work more efficiently. Consider adjustable furniture that can be moved around and set up according to each person’s preference. Multipurpose desks with easy access to storage also help keep work areas neat and organized, promoting better concentration.
  2. Collaborative Spaces: Cubicles used to be all the rage in the 80s and 90s, with companies trying to fit as many people as possible into small spaces. In the 2000s, these were followed by completely open office plans. Modern workplace designs merge the advantages of both with “clusters”. These encourage employees to interact, communicate and share ideas, without being distracted by constant interruptions, noise, and activity.
  3. Natural Light: Poor lighting is a trigger for stress and eyestrain, so install side and overhead lighting to keep workspaces bright and well-lit. Instead of relying on harsh artificial lighting alone, however, maximize the use of natural light. Studies have shown that exposure to daylight (as well as outside views through windows) improves employee productivity, decreases depression and makes the work environment seem friendlier, so make the most of it!
  4. Indoor Air Quality: Pollutants present in indoor air cause fatigue, stress and even breathing difficulties, so improving air quality has become a primary concern for interior designers, homeowners and business owners alike. If an office has poor air quality, productivity and efficiency will take a hit. Use low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and finishes, install proper ventilation, and consider equipping the space with an air filter to keep the air clean.
  5. Art and Décor: Who says office spaces have to be plain and boring? Incorporate interesting artwork and decorative elements into the design, to create a fun, inspiring and energetic environment that employees can feel proud of! Neutral walls, large mirrors and windows create an illusion of space, but a few pops of color can work wonders for morale and productivity. For a positive and relaxed feel, accentuate the space with live plants, fish tanks and other natural elements.

Improving productivity doesn’t have to be boring. With these interior design hacks, you can transform your workplace into a powerhouse that not only makes you look better, but also puts you at your best!