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Real estate is a relationship-driven, people-facing profession, and as such, the industry is one of the most affected with the turbulent effects of COVID-19. It is hard to land a sale or rent a property without the buyer/renter doing property inspection. But with this pandemic called corona-virus, that can be a very hard undertaking to carry out at this time! But there is a way to still take potential client for property inspection even in…

At what point in life should an individual begin to consider acquiring a land and building his first house? Buying a house, is one of, if not the most significant investment most people make in their lifetimes.

The phrase ‘The sooner the better’  is often being thrown around in a lot of steps we take in our lives. But, this phrase could confuse a potential real estate investor. On one hand, those in their mid-20s to 30s are sometimes encouraged to consider the option to buy a house due to the availability of spare money, while on the other hand, those in late-40s or early-50s consider real estate as a liability of a lifetime.

However, it is wise to recognize where you are in life and you financial capabilities as you decide whether or not to buy.

Depicted above is a single cycle. The end of the recession phase connects to the beginning of the recovery phase to form the continuous wave pattern. Understanding the progression of each phase within the cycle is critical in being able to identify investment opportunities, as well as risks that can arise, with heightened sensitivity when phases are on the verge of transitioning.

One of the unique aspects of commercial real estate is that investors can invest successfully across all four phases of the cycle. However, understanding whether a cycle is climbing closer to a market peak, or starting down the slippery slope towards a market low can affect a variety of factors, such as:

  1. Pairing investment strategy to phase
  2. Holding periods and exit strategies
  3. Return expectations
  4. Performance as it relates to income and appreciation
  5. Timing of capital improvements

The real estate industry across Nigeria in Q1 of 2016 has performed generally below market expectations. Some attribute this to the prevailing economic conditions in the country especially the continued fall of the Naira against the Dollar, the limitation on access to forex placed by the government and the yet-to-be signed 2016 budget. Notwithstanding the gloomy result of Q1 2016, Lagos, due to its sheer size, demands and economic leverage, will experience growth in 2016. In this report, prepared…

There are a number of luxurious apartments around Lagos, but their prices can be very expensive, far above what most middle class can afford. The property location is also important. Richards Court, a new development in Mende Maryland, Lagos, however, is an exception. It is a luxurious apartment, located in one of the most developed areas in Lagos and it is quiet affordable.

Developed by Richards Brainsworth Limited, one of the most prolific developers in Lagos. Richards Court is a fantastic and competitive piece of modern building. It is a gated and fully-serviced residential estate with all the features and amenities you would expect from a standard estate.

Housing delivery system in Nigeria is a combination of many interrelated components which include land, infrastructure, building materials, policies, building regulations and more importantly the finance component. Finance in housing delivery is very important because of the huge financial requirement for housing production. Many researches have been conducted along this line by scholars in the building industry and suggestions were made on the need to strengthen the cooperative housing system in Nigeria in order to ameliorate problem of housing finance.

Real estate agency is a highly paying and rewarding business or job, but like any good things, it comes with a catch. There are too many real estate professionals who entered the business for what they perceive as easy big money commissions. Few months down the line,they find out the hard way that they’ve over-simplified what it will cost them to get, initiate and land deals. There are monetary costs and a lot of work is required to be successful.

Too many newbie real estate agents fall within their first year because they didn’t develop a plan and follow it for success in becoming a real estate agent.

The following are some of the “secrets” of  a successful real estate agent:

They return calls and emails at lightning speed: These are the people that get a lead and don’t let it go. They immediately make contact and they follow up. They answer any questions and are happy to stay on the phone with nervous clients. They are the warriors of email, text, and phone and they keep that rhythm right up through the whole transaction, one agent calls it his land, sea, and air approach, reaching out to clients through as many channels as possible in the beginning even using Skype.  

In todays marketplace, information is everything. The internet have democratize the accessing and dissemination of information. When you meet new people, you google their name to quickly know who they are. When you hear of a new company, you fire up your search engine to know all about them.

Now, imagine there is little or no information about you found online. Today’s consumers make their decision based on the information available to them, especially when it is positive information. This is why your online profiles must be well polished with enough information to aid potential consumers know more about you and to judge your professionalism.